Our 50 staff members are highly devoted to the vision and mission of Project Playground. We put emphasis on staff development, and provide regular trainings and workshops to all. Our offices and operational venues are directly connected, giving management direct overview of the operations and a daily contact with staff and participants.

As part of our employee development and investment we place great emphasis on development through skills training and further education programs. We do this through many channels, SEESA, Sustainability Development Network (SDN) and Inyathelo to name a few.

The fact that Project Playground offers training and workshops to their staff members on a regular basis brings about a greater quality in the daily work at the center. Through the trainings and workshops, the staff is gaining knowledge and understanding of topics and areas in relation to their positions at PPG, but also to fields that are new to them. We acknowledge and encourage personal development as we recognize the importance for the organization and society at large.