Play and learn

Organized Activities, Sports, And Support Programs

Project Playground strengthens children’s and youth’s personal and social development through after-school activities, sports and support programs five days a week. Everything at Project Playground is free of charge. Everyone between the ages 4 and 18, regardless of background, is welcome to join us. Project Playground offers the following structured programs:

  • Dance; various dance styles like contemporary, ballet and African dance is coupled with life skills
  • Music & Vocals; breathing techniques, song writing and performance skills
  • The Art; visual art such as drawing, photography and film making
  • Drama; script writing, public speaking, acting
  • Netball; netball play coupled with life skills
  • Below 8; playful educational activities for children under 8 years
  • Soccer; team sports, fair play and life skills
  • Never Ending Stories; a literacy and English encouraging program for the very youngest ones.
  • Education Without Limits; a support program where university students assist our little older participants who prepares for exams and matric. English and Math focused.
  • The Learning Ground; an initiative aimed at assisting youth to prepare for work life and adulthood by offering a theoretical part where we teach the participants everything around preparing for work, applying for work and professional behavior at the work place. This part is then coupled with a practical part where the youth receive experience through an internship.



The spare time of a child in the townships of South Africa is the most dangerous and vulnerable time of the day. In the streets children and youth are at risk of ending up in trouble, and during the weekends the alcohol and drug abuse of the adults usually escalates. Project Playground offers a safe platform where the children are supported throughout their childhood, youth and into adulthood. By using spare time activities and sports as tools to change ways of thought, behavior and attitudes from an early age, we tackle prejudice, peer-pressure and exclusion. By providing a safe haven from the harsh terms of the townships, we give children and youth a chance to develop self-esteem, ambition, self-confidence, responsibility and community – tools to influence their own lives. This in turn has a ripple effect for the whole society.