Play on wheels

To honor the commitment to every child’s right to development and opportunities, Project Playground started Play On Wheels in February 2012. Sarah Hodgkinson, Occupational Therapist, and her team of edu-carers lead the division. Play on Wheels is our inclusive division which focus on improving lives of children and young adults with various intellectual and physical disabilities.

Our daily program is created by our OT and implemented by our edu-carers. We have a strong individual focus with a child/carer ratio of 4/1. After our participants are fetched with our transport, they enjoy a breakfast together before its time for a hygiene check and then a group music session where all participants take part in playing instruments and singing. After which, they go to their own respective programs which include muscle therapy, social skills and speech development. Our speech therapist comes twice per month, which has contributed to a beautiful development of expression and communication. We offer hippo therapy (horse back riding) and dog therapy weekly – to our participants’ delight.

We further arrange excursions for our participants, which includes trips to the beach, the cinema, or other educational and playful places.