Soccer and life skills

In 2016 Project Playground won the first Investec DreamPlay Tournament for boys U17.
One of the most powerful tools to use in working with youth development is sport. Project Playground’s soccer team was established in 2010. Today, the program consists of 250 boys (and a few girls) playing in six divisions – thus making it the most popular program amongst what we additionally offer; dance, drama, music and the art.

Project Playground is using the Coerver Coaching Method and believes in developing the indivudual by examining and improving their weaknesess in line with their strengths. Our coaches conduct vast research to make sure that we adapt to the international soccer structures and at the same time adhere to the local policies as set out by SAFA.

Working towards both a short and long term goal, we remain focused on the importance of bringing out the best in every single player that passes through our doors. 
Our short term goal includes providing a safe platform where kids and youth can enjoy the best soccer practice provided by the best soccer program of all townships in the Western Cape. We are also consistently providing opportunities to our players to showcase their talents in national and international tournaments.

While providing soccer practice we also make sure that we incorporate life skills sessions on a weekly basis, in which attendance is mandatory if one wants to also play games and tournaments. 
Thus, the long term and sustainable goal is to develop contributing citizens, responsible adults who contributes to the democratic and peaceful development of South Africa.


The Soccer Division has many highlights and success stories and we are extremely proud of our achievements both on and off the field

  • In 2015, Project Playground’s Langa Soccer Team wrote history as the first team ever from Langa qualifying for the Metropolitan Tournament, the most prestigious cup in South Africa.
  • In 2016, we qualified again, showing that the previous year had nothing to do with luck!
  • Project Playground has participated for 4 consecutive years in the Gothia Cup, the world’s largest youth soccer tournament.
  • Since participating in the local league, neither division from any of our teams has finished off lower than a 4th place.
  • In 2015, Project Playground was identified as one of the teams participating in the Investec DreamPlay Tournament.